Recap From WordCamp GR 2013

Last weekend the Mindutopia team attended WordCamp Grand Rapids, and we had a great time! If you don’t know what WordCamps are you’re missing out — “WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that focus on everything WordPress, put together by local WordPress enthusiasts” — WordCamps are an awesome time; they give you a chance to meet […]

Horizontal vs. vertical navigation — what’s better?

We’re often asked how to go about laying out site navigation. While the trend for the past several years has certainly been horizontal navigation, vertical navigation still has its place. One of the major disadvantages (or perhaps the only one) for horizontal navigation is that you have limited space for menu items. If you have […]

A hollow-ish take on icons had an interesting article a few days ago, about whether to use hollow or filled-in icons. Many of our clients use icons to display their social media accounts, or to further the ease of use across their site. And while we agree that icons are definitely helpful in most aspects, author Aubrey Johnson writes […]

Adding a WordPress image gallery

A lot of our clients ask for image galleries to be added to their sites. While custom functionality gives you direct control over the output of how a said image gallery would look and act, many people are unaware that simple image galleries are built right into the WordPress core. Say you want to add […]

Engaging the online audience: A list of popular digital advertising networks

It’s pretty incredible how ‘smart’ search engines and advertisers have become over the past few years. In fact, a lot of current buzz in the web world is about big data. Most of what consumers do online is tracked, stored, and analyzed in order to pinpoint trends and predict buying behavior. Plenty of data, such […]


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