had an interesting article a few days ago, about whether to use hollow or filled-in icons. Many of our clients use icons to display their social media accounts, or to further the ease of use across their site. And while we agree that icons are definitely helpful in most aspects, author Aubrey Johnson writes that filled-in icons are easier to read, with hollow icons having too much cognitive load:

Icons without this empty core are processed as definite and only the outer lines are processed. Depending on the outline of the shape, this happens pretty fast. No matter the shape, though, the hollow icons take more time to process.

Still, several platforms and websites choose to go with hollow icons, as they’re often perceived as being more modern. For instance, Apple’s upcoming iOS7 uses hollow icons throughout many of its native apps, including the Safari web browser. As clean as these may look, they’re often not obvious to what the icons mean.

Just something to keep in mind when designing items for your next site, app or any other platform.