A lot of our clients ask for image galleries to be added to their sites. While custom functionality gives you direct control over the output of how a said image gallery would look and act, many people are unaware that simple image galleries are built right into the WordPress core.

slide1Say you want to add 10 images to one of your website’s pages. All you need to do is go into the editing interface for that page. Then click Add Media. On the left there will be an option to Create Gallery, and you can choose either from images you’ve already uploaded, or you can upload them at that time directly from your computer.

You can drag and drop to reorder images too, and give your images captions if you wish. And if you need to add folders or sets for your images, you can simply do that using the Pages hierarchy that you already use across your site.

While the image gallery might not look perfect, this will at least get you started and well on your way to showcasing your images in a different way.