In the coming week, you’ll see a few changes when you login to edit your WordPress site. WordPress 3.8 was released Thursday, and it comes with quite a few changes.

Gone is the backend theme we’ve all become accustomed to. In its place is a darker, less cluttered theme. While this is a major visual change, be confident in that everything should work the same. If nothing else, the contrast will allow certain elements that may have been difficult to see before easier to see now. Not a fan of the dark theme? There are 7 other color schemes for your admin interface, these can be selected in your profile settings.

For those of you who have smartphones, you’re getting a major upgrade here. You no longer need the WordPress app for iOS or Android to manage your site; you can simply login like you would on your desktop computer. Everything will look very similar to the desktop version, albeit being sized for smaller screens, and more friendly for touch devices.

Finally, the widget customization experience is now easier from any device, and it’s more obvious what you need to do in order to get your sidebars or footers setup correctly.

We’ve already started the upgrade process to this new version to some customers. Those of you who don’t see the new look and feel haven’t been upgraded — yet. Look for us to upgrade your site before the holiday break begins.