Design for Crisis

Do we even design for crisis? After a lengthly research process and soaking up 3 semi-relevant articles, 1 episode on 1 podcast and 1 YouTube presentation, I quickly realized that the resources for the concept of designing for crisis is lacking. There is little to no tangible information and research that designers can sink their READ MORE

Written by magdalene

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Photos for your Website.

While it may seem like an easy or mindless task, the process of choosing photos for your website is a bit more complicated than you may think. Finding relevant and unique stock photos or sifting through the misnamed, disorganized archives on your companies local shared drive takes a bit of time but that, by no READ MORE

Written by alexwierda

The Importance of Keeping your Website Software Up to Date

Recently a serious security patch was released for a library that is used in WordPress core. Not a WordPress specific library, but one that is used in many web applications.  WordPress released this update and it was automatically applied to all WordPress sites that allow automatic updates. This feature has been a feature of WordPress READ MORE

Written by nate

Kick Off Meeting

The Kick-Off phase of a website re-design is the most important phase of a project. The Kick-Off is a chance for both sides- the client and the web developer to meet face-to-face and brainstorm new functionality for the website. This meeting should in no way be sparse, and should cover as much as possible about READ MORE

Written by Alex Knudson

WordPress Tips & Tricks – WordPress User Roles

WordPress is a robust content management system (CMS) that we build our sites on. WordPress allows the user to create and change content easily, but there are some tricks that are fun and helpful to know. This blog series will cover some things we think you should know. Feel free to contact us if you READ MORE

Written by katy

WAIT, Oh Crap….Content, Now What?

You now realize, it is time. Time to write content for your website! Now what do you do? We are hear to say that if you start sweating at the thought of writing or compiling your content, that is completely normal. (We do not advise you to beg the nearest intern isn’t going to give READ MORE

Written by magdalene

Create an Abundance of Bigness

You have come to the conclusion that it is time. Time to update, revisit, or re-create your business’s website. There are a few points to note before finding a company to create your website. We want to make sure that you have the best experience from start to finish. Consider these four steps as part READ MORE

Written by magdalene