All About WordPress 3.8

In the coming week, you’ll see a few changes when you login to edit your WordPress site. WordPress 3.8 was released Thursday, and it comes with quite a few changes. Gone is the backend theme we’ve all become accustomed to. In its place is a darker, less cluttered theme. While this is a major visual […]

What’s the Kitchen Sink?

For a lot of the websites we develop, there is additional functionality via plugins or built-in to your website theme. But often these things are hard to find when editing a post or a page. Introducing the “Kitchen Sink.” When editing a post or a page in WordPress, you usually only see one row of […]

Adding video to your website

A lot of people ask us how they can add or upload videos to their WordPress site. It’s simpler than you think. While WordPress does allow for the option to upload videos and other media, this can get messy and tricky as you deal with different browsers, operating systems and devices. Instead, we recommend that […]

Adding a WordPress image gallery

A lot of our clients ask for image galleries to be added to their sites. While custom functionality gives you direct control over the output of how a said image gallery would look and act, many people are unaware that simple image galleries are built right into the WordPress core. Say you want to add […]


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