WAIT, Oh Crap….Content, Now What?

You now realize, it is time. Time to write content for your website! Now what do you do? We are hear to say that if you start sweating at the thought of writing or compiling your content, that is completely normal. (We do not advise you to beg the nearest intern isn’t going to give that key detail your users need, and hiding defiantly won’t do the trick!) Keep some things, listed below, in mind while you are going through the process.

New or Old?

First, identify each page. Does the page need new content, revised content or is the content perfect the way it is?

Phase 1 or Phase 2?

What is Phase 1 and what is Phase 2 of your website? Phase 1 is defined as the complete website we build for you. These steps include, discovery, connecting, wireframes, design, development and launch. Phase 2 is defined as the extra bells and whistles you may need but are not ready to implement. This step is in place so that the website can still launch with in the timeline and date agreed upon. And there can be many more phases to your site, each phase needs to have a timeline so you are still able to have a current site up.


Perfect Content?

Remember that it is ok that your site does not have all the content you want or perfect content. Content is a consistent project that often needs updating every so often, so if your content is not perfect when the development is completed that is ok.

Bells & Whistles 

Once the first phase is completed (which includes design and development) then the bells and whistles can be designed and developed.

We Promise

We promise that if you need us to we will make an outline for your content. Even an outline for your photography if it is warranted. The outlines will help you to focus on different sections of the website so you are not left not knowing where to even start. They will also help to closely follow the design structure.


Consider utilizing the interview process rather than giving content tasks to each person in each department. Those people are far more likely to sit down and have a conversation with you rather then to complete their section in a timely manner. The second advantage in doing this, is that the content will all sound the same and be consistent.