Marshall Randall, a 66-year-old director of sales and marketing for TerraTrike, set seven world records in 2022 on his recumbent trike. Inspired by records held by a younger cyclist, Randall trained on the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park. In September, he achieved records in the 100K, 100-mile, 200K, 200-mile, 300K, six-hour, and 12-hour categories, averaging over 17 mph. His record attempt involved a 4.5-mile course near Grant, Michigan, monitored by the World UltraCycling Association.

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Marshall Randall, West Michigan Recumbent Rider Sets Seven World Records

Greenspeed Trikes

Randall used a Greenspeed Aero recumbent bike, valuing its speed and comfort for long rides. With a history in endurance sports dating back to high school, Randall has also competed in triathlons and bike races. Married for over 40 years, he decided on a stable career after starting a family, eventually joining TerraTrike in 2015.

The Future

After cycling 9,000 miles in 2023, Randall plans to rest and aims to break more recumbent records in the future. His goal is to find a suitable course for 24-hour rides.

Greenspeed Aero

The Aero is uncompromising in its pursuit for speed. Every aspect of the Aero has been designed to increase aerodynamics, and make it the best performing trike on the market.

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